Applied Computing Expertise - an overview

Welcome to Applied Computing Expertise. As our subtly understated name suggests, we pride ourselves on being a centre of excellence for software development, delivering resilient, rigorously tested and thoroughly documented computer solutions.

Originally founded to develop software for the rapidly growing, but initially diverse, Unix marketplace - two of our products supported 28 variations on the theme - we now concentrate primarily on developing for Linux systems. Much of our work is for other software houses and manufacturers, but we have also worked directly for many end-users.

Whilst we are always happy to advise upon hardware choice, we are not a hardware supplier. Although we do install and commission servers, firewalls, desktops and entire networks, we do not usually supply the hardware. Nor do we develop for Windows, although we do integrate Microsoft systems into Linux/Unix networks.

Although, in these days of universal web access, location is largely irrelevant, we are based in Farnham, Surrey, and the majority of our clients are in London and the South East. However, we develop for, and support, customers nationwide, and, through reciprocal arrangements with partners in Washington and Sydney, worldwide. We have developed software for clients as far afield as San Francisco, Washington, Perth, Sydney, Brussels and Norwich.